fashion on the block lgbtqi transpire help
Portrait of the Designer Photographer: Tatiana Darash

In October of last year, I was invited to show my designs in a fashion show that would be hosted by Transpire Help. The show would be the first of its kind for this organization, and if it went well, I could expect to be invited back the following year.

Of course I said yes!

I then spent the next month attending meetings, corralling models, consulting with other designers, and organizing a photoshoot. I also designed and printed an exclusive publication, which would be handed out to our VIP on the block lgbtqia transpire help

The night of the show, we all congregated in a nearby office, which we then converted into our green room. The conference table was stacked and overflowing with makeup products. Models lounged on the couches while eating pizza. Garments and accessories were strung up on impromptu racks and shelves. A hair stylist had set up shop in front of a mirror, and the buzzing of nervous excitement filled the room with.

As the bass began to boom, we were tying corsets, touching up hair and makeup, and sending the models out to walk the runway. fashion on the block lgbtq transpire helpI could hear the crowd cheering while I was backstage, helping a lovely Queen into her heels.

I was able to watch the second half of the show, and what I saw was amazing. The street was packed with cheering onlookers. The VIP seats were all sold out! They all had a copy of my publication in their hands. It was everything I could have dreamed of, and more.

My models worked the crowd, winking and turning, skirts flowing in the nighttime breeze. The flash of a photographer’s camera lit up their smiling faces. Before I knew it, it was over.

While we were chatting about what we should do next year, a local reporter ran towards us, out of breath, and asked if we would like to be on the evening news. She only had a few minutes before the live broadcast started. Suddenly I found myself facing a camera and holding a microphone. I managed to say something coherent, and passed the mic to someone else. Our fashion show made the news!

I’m already working on next year’s designs. I can’t wait to do it all again!