Transpire Help Services

Transpire Help serves to bridge the gap in service offerings specific to the needs of people who are a part of our community.  This is achieved by finding innovative ways to increase access and opportunities to those most underserved within our communities.  The services offered by Transpire Help include:

  • Linkage to affirming behavioral healthcare
  • Linkage to affirming healthcare 
  • Housing assistance
  • Workforce Development skills building and training
  • Social connectedness through mutual support groups (Gender Diversity Group)
  • Assistance with name change and gender marker change
  • Funding for life saving interventions
  • Advocacy and Education
  • Family Education Programs
  • Community Resource Guide
  • HIV Education & Counseling 

All of these services help further the realization of our mission to help members of our community improve their quality of life, rediscover their capacity for living and sustain economic self-sufficiency.  Through meeting the needs of the whole person, we start to build a healthier community for all!