Substance Use Treatment Services Scholarship

What is it? And How do I go about obtaining it?

A lot of treatment centers in America and around the world offer life saving treatment for those suffering from Substance Abuse and Mental Health. Unfortunately many of these services come at a high financial cost, and obtaining these services without any health insurance is near impossible for some people. The good news is through Transpire Help we award scholarships to folks in Palm Beach County. This program helps pay for the costs associated with treatment for LGBTQ folk who either don’t have insurance or are underinsured. Uninsured means a person has insurance, but the benefits from the insurance won't cover the cost of treatment, or there is a very high deductible and out of pocket costs with their current insurance. Transpire Help is making treatment possible for people who would've never been able to receive substance use treatment in the past to receive treatment at an affirming substance use treatment center.

How do I qualify for this program? To discover if you qualify for affirming substance use treatment is as simple as proving your income and being a resident of Palm Beach County. To qualify for this scholarship you need to be making less than 22k at the time of seeking treatment. The timing is crucial because addiction is cunning and someone in active addiction can go from making really good money to unemployed very quickly. That’s why we take a look at your recent income as a gauge to see if someone qualifies for this scholarship. To apply you can reach out to us here to start the process. We would just need your proof of income. There is a high demand for these services so preparation and willingness goes a long way when qualifying to receiving these services. 

The services Transpire Help offers are costs of treatment on for PHP, IOP, OP, housing, groceries, transportation to the facility, affirming essentials and medication. Transpire Help offers scholarships to pay for the same benefits people receive with insurance to people without the means to getting a qualifying insurance. Once you are accepted to Transpire Help's scholarship program, the recovery process usually begins with detoxification which Transpire Help sets up prior to bringing the qualifying candidate to treatment. Detox is a medically safe way to withdraw off substances in a safe medical environment. Detox is usually a few days to a few weeks long. After Detoxification you step down to Residential or PHP treatment which is a stabilization unit to start accumulating to your new life and where therapy begins. PHP stands for Partial Hospitalization Program. This is where the more in depth therapy begins and you start to build structure in your life. PHP usually lasts between 4 weeks to a few months.Some people go directly from Detox to PHP. After PHP you step down to IOP which is Intensive Outpatient. In Intensive Outpatient you have less therapy and focus more on life skills and work towards being accumulated back into society. After IOP you step down to Outpatient. In the Outpatient level of care you usually go to therapy once a week and may also attend 1 or 2 groups while you work and begin to find your own path into your successful future. Usually during your PHP, IOP & OP level of Care you move your living situation to a sober living. A Sober living is a structured living situation where you pay rent or your Transpire Help scholarship pays at first. You are subject to random drug screens as a form of accountability as you begin to work and get back into society. 

These levels of care are all extremely beneficial for people looking to get clean and sober, but they are extremely expensive, and unless you have insurance you are usually left to your own devices. Fortunately, Transpire Help can will help qualified individuals  cover or assist in costs for all these levels of care. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, but don’t seem to have the financial means to get help, look into getting assistance by reaching out to us here and receive an equal chance to succeed in the battle with the disease of addiction.