What is Gender Diversity Support Group?

Social connectedness is essential for maintaining emotional and physical well-being.  The Transpire Help sponsored Gender Diversity Support group is a safe space that meets on the 1st and 3rd Mondays each month.  Creating community starts with each and every one of us.  While some people have affirming and supportive families, others learn to rely on this support solely through creating families of choice within our communities.

Gender Diversity Support Group Transpire Help

The Gender Diversity Support group is a forum for people from all types of gender identities and expressions to come together and learn from and support each other with daily life struggles.  Whether you are curious or questioning, looking for support in navigating your own trans or non-binary experience or have the desire to learn how to be affirming and offer support to someone else, this is the right place for you!

Topics are self-generated by the group to ensure the only topics covered are those that are relevant to the people participating in the group.  Topics range from using the correct pronouns to navigating relationships to exploring how to present more congruent with one’s gender identity to sharing resources that are relevant to other community members.