When you think of the social world, do you ever consider whether social constructs are hurtful or helpful?

When it comes to gender identity, are you able to see that it's a system issue, not a 'person' concern?
Here at Transpire Help, it's evident that the binary construction of gender, and assigning the wrong gender at birth, is traumatizing and stigmatizing. Due to binary norms, family pressures, and LGBTQ stigma, people experience social trauma - which calls for social interventions. One of the most healing, and necessary aspects of the trans and gender expansive community is the ability to feel congruent in one's gender identity.

Unfortunately, many folks lack the resources to buy and obtain affirming items that enhance gender expression. Transpire Help is here to help all LGBTQ people feel, and live, congruently. Whether it's clothing, or hairstyles, or legal name changes - Transpire Help is available to provide access to these Social Interventions. Freedom of expression is the very medicine that illuminates smiles and enhances glimmer in the eyes. Without access to this very basic intervention, LGBTQ people tend to feel hopeless, leading to suicidality and self-harm. The simple, life-saving Social Interventions that Transpire Help provides access to can be the one ingredient that changes your life.

Another Social Intervention that Transpire Help provides access to is a peer based, supportive community for trans and gender expansive folks. The life saving necessity of visibility, mirrors, and role models is undeniable. Creating and joining a community is what gives hope and possibility to folks who've previously lacked positive LGBTQ role models and support. To feel congruent, and normalized in your experience is the magic that transforms lives.


What are the benefits of Social Interventions you ask?

  • Increased Hope
  • Increased Serenity
  • Excitement
  • Community
  • Connection
  • Authenticity
  • Empowerment
  • Representation.
If you find yourself in need of these benefits, and find yourself in need of Social Interventions, then Transpire Help is here for you. Click here if you need services.