An Uber Driver Beats up a Man Because he Learned he was Gay

It is so saddening that we still hear about these types of stories. The title of the article is unfortunately what happened to a man who is going by the name of “Mohamed” in the media. He needed stitches as a result of the confrontation between the Uber driver and him. Now, he is afraid to be alone outside and around others. It’s so disgusting that we live with such hatred in our world today. That is why it is important to create awareness, share these stories, and educate so that we can create a better society overall. 

On Sunday, September 13 “Mohamed” and a friend were on their way home at 2 a.m. and decided to take an Uber. Then the Uber driver physically forced him out of the car after he mentioned he was gay. The driver proceeded to beat the man up. Later that night, he required stitches for the injuries he had. The 27-year-old was explaining that he was getting to know another boy from a party he had attended earlier in the day when he realized the driver was becoming visibly angrier. Soon after the driver told Mohamed and the friend he was with to get out. 

Mohamed described the moment to the French LGBTQ magazine TETU, “At that moment, I was completely confused, but he was ranting. He started spouting homophobic insults at me, saying he didn’t want a ‘queer’ in his car.” After some back and forth, Mohamed said, “I couldn’t take it anymore. I told him that I’m gay, that I’m proud, and that it’s 2020, you aren’t allowed to make the comments that he was making.” This is when the driver punched Mohamed twice and knocked him unconscious with a bloody nose. The driver fled the scene before the police came. Mohamed now says that he is afraid to stay by himself so his friends all share the responsibility of being there with him. 

When asked about what happened, Uber France said that they are “profoundly” regretful and are currently cooperating with law enforcement to identify and locate the driver. The statement went on to emphasize, “When there is a complaint and a criminal investigation, we systematically suspend the driver.”There is a history of antisemitism and discrimination in Paris. It’s disheartening to hear about “Mohamed’s” story as he is not the only one. It is a piece of an unequal and mistreated societal record that keeps playing over and over in our world. Again, I return to the necessity of education and having organizations such as Transpire Help promoted so that we can help the LGBTQ community. Transpire Help connects members of the LGBTQ+ community with the resources and services they need to sustain a recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. Not only this, but they host educational events that help us create a stronger community all around and we hear less and less of horrific instances such as Mohamed’s.