Joe Biden Condemns Poland’s “LGBT-free Zones”

Across the pond in Poland, cities there have been passing resolutions declaring themselves as “free of LGBTQ ideology.” Over in Europe, the blatant disregard for LGBTQ+ rights and intensified homophobia declares itself stripped from pride. 

These zones, therefore, are not just attacking and prohibiting LGBT people, they are stripping away the humanity from these people. Yes, people. There is no way that you can limit how someone can either live or not live in a “zone”. It’s preposterous on so many levels. 

Over the weekend, Vice President Joe Biden made a clear statement on the Polish “LGBTQ-free zones” issue. Biden went to twitter to retweet about Leyen’s speech and wrote, “LGBTQ+ rights are human rights.” He went on also to denounce these free zones and made a clear statement on whose side he is on. The side of human rights.

Here is the link to Joe Biden’s tweet in which he condemns Poland’s anti-LGBT zones.

It is curious enough that a presidential nominee is publicly speaking out against such heinous intentions against human rights. It is even more curious that our current president of the United States, leader of the free world and the biggest component of human rights has decided not to comment on these LGBTQ free zones and the clear homophobia and transphobia attitude in Europe.
Other leaders have condemned the actions, but this president with his past implications of being anti- LGBTQ+ has made it clear which side of progress that he is on.  If you want to be on the side of progress, I urge you to go to and help us make real change in this world. Human rights are bigger than anything else at the moment.