Federal court grants citizenship to couple’s twin children

Throughout Donald Trump’s administration, they have continuously tried to deny the rights and privileges that are inherently guaranteed to all people, especially the LGBTQ people. 

Two twin boys, Aiden and Ethan Banks, were born to a same-gender American couple and are recognized as citizens. During their years, they have been denied for the longest time to get married in the U.S. They also were being denied to be the twins boys’ parents. The parents of the two boys, Andrew (American Citizen) and Elad (Isreaili Citizen) were married in Canada and the boys were both born in 2016 through surrogacy. 

Even though Andrew and Elad are both the parents on the birth certificate. Trump’s department only recognizes Aiden as a U.S. citizen when the family applied for passports. Andrew and Elad then opened a lawsuit against the administration. 

In february 2019, Judge John F. Walter ruled in the Bank’s favor. They ruled that there was no reason to question the couple’s citizenship or their children. This seems more  like a ploy from the Trump administration who has been a consistent enemy of the LGBTQ community and have tried to make their rights not applicable. 

The court indicated that, “no longer will these parents have to worry that their twin sons will be treated as if they were born out of wedlock simply because of two fathers.”

The state department however will not stop enforcing their internal policy of the “unknown number of families”. The idea of America is a place that anybody can come and be free and welcome. This President and his rhetoric has made it impossible not just for immigrants to come and feel free and welcome. He has also made it impossible for the LGBTQ community to feel free and welcomed in their own country. 

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