Two Men Beat up Gay Couple for Kissing in Front of Their Children

On National Coming Out day, I believe we should be lifting the people that bravely step out and become comfortable with being themselves. However, this heinous act deserves to be looked at and people should be outraged by the blatant homophobia.

This attack happened back in May, 2019 in France. The two men who were attacked said they went to the campground and were met with anti-gay slurs and other derogatory statments. They were beaten and called those derogatory names. Marie-Brigette Berragus-Tessier, the lawyer of the gay couple, said they were “beaten to a pulp”.

France has, in the past couple years, been at the epicenter of most of these anti-lgbt attacks. The couple had to seek medical attention. The two attackers later appeared in court and said, “They insulted me, I had to defend myself.” The whole outrage was because the two gay men were seen kissing by the assailans. 

The couple said, “We live in a free country, A kiss on the cheek, that’s my right,” said one of the victims. 

The judge ordered that both men must pay 10,000 dollars or 8500 euros of restitution. The judge also sentenced the 39-year-old to six months of house arrest and the 20 year old to six-month suspended sentence and 210 hours of community service. 

The times are changing, but some people cannot except the change, the LGBT community is still having to deal with these horrible acts of violence and clear homophobic attacks. If you also believe that we should be protecting and inspiring the LGBT people and making sure they are in safe spaces get involved in LGBT activism.

This incredible organization creates a safe space for LGBTQ+ in recovery. The organization is designed to provide housing, healthcare and enrich the emotional health and well-being of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, gender non-conforming folks in recovery. If you want to help or would like more information please reach out to us at